Papers on Environment and Economy

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Papers on Environment and Economy

Gandhi’s civilizational alternative and dealing with climate change

Journal of Social and Economic Development, April 2015, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 90-103

A Measured Approach to Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity: Concepts, Data, and the Twin Goals

Book Review in Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 70(1), Jan-Mar 2015, pp. 145-150.

Ethics of International Action on Climate Change – How Would Mahatma Gandhi Have looked at it?

Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change, edited by Sunil Nautiyal, K S Rao, HaroldKachele, K V Raju and R Schaldach, Springer, Heidelberg, 2013

Can there be an Indian Way to Development?

Working Paper 001 of Development Foundation, Bangalore, 2012

Culture and Environment – The Paradox of India

Ecological Economics: Approaches to Socio-Economic and Environmental Sustainability, ed by Sunil Nautiyal and Bibhu Prasad Nayak,National Institute of Ecology, New Delhi, and ISEC, Bangalore, 2009

Is Technology All for Sustainable Development?

Proceedings: The 1st NRCT-ICSSR Joint Seminar on Sustainable Development, NRCT & ICSSR, Bangkok, 2008

Commons, Development and the Poor

Institutionalizing Common Pool Resources, ed by Dinesh K Marothia,Delhi: Concept, 2002.

Environment, Growth and Development

Environment and Development, ed. by G S Monga, Deep &Deep Publications, New Delhi, 2001

Sustainable Development

Convocation Address at Dr Ambedkar Marathwada University,Aurangabad, Published in University News 39 (16) April 16-22, 2001.

Economic Potential of Wastelands

Seminar 499, March 2001, 11.40-44.

India’s Rainfed Agriculture as an Eco-System

Management Issues in Rainfed Agriculture, ed., by K H Vedini, Hyderabad: National Institute of Agricultural Extension and Management,2000.

Environmental Concerns and Management in the South and theNorth – A Comparative Perspective

Environmental Management – An Indian Perspective, ed by S N Chary and Vinod Vyasulu, Delhi: Macmillan, 2000.

Poverty, Environment and Development: A Many Patterned Nexus

EPW ,Vol. 35(14), April 1-7, 2000, pp.1184-1190.

Environment in Karnataka: A Status Report

(authored as Ecological Economics Unit) EPW Vol.34 (38) 1999, pp.2735-2744.

Environmental Administration in Karnataka

S Ramanathan (ed) Landmarks in Karnataka Administration, New Delhi: Uppal, 1998 (with G S Sastry)

Karnatakadalli Oudyogika Malinyada Niyantrana (Kannada)

Karnatakada Arthikathe ed. by Abdul Aziz and K G Vasuki,Kannada Vishwavidyalaya, Hampi, 1997.


Economic Reforms, Poverty and Environment

Key Note Address at the Seminar on Effects of Indian Economic Reforms, held as part of Decennial Celebrations of the PG Centre of Pondicherry University, at Mahe, by the P G Dept of Economics, 5-6 Nov. 1997,published in The Hindu Business Line 5th and 6th Dec. 1997.


Environment and Poverty

Presented at the XII Biennial Conference of AASSREC at Beijing, 13-17 Oct. 1997.


Economics of Externalities and Pollution Abatement in India

Natural Resource Economics – Theory and Applications in India, Edited by John Kerr, D K Marothia, Katar Singh, C Ramaswamy and William Bentley, Oxford & IBH, 1997.


Social Forestry, Livelihood and the Rural Poor

Growth, Employment and Poverty – change and Continuity in Rural India, published by Vikas for the Indian Society of Labour Economics, New Delhi, 1997.


Development and Environment

P V Shenoi (Ed) Contours of Social and Economic Development– Policy Issues, Concept, New Delhi, 1997.


Environment, Growth and Development

Keynote address at the Indian Economic Association Annual Conference at Gwalior, 27-29, Dec. 1996, published in IEA Annual Conference Number 1996.


Poverty, Dependence on Common Property Land Resources and Economic Development

Sustainable Regeneration of Degraded Lands edited by Jyoti Parikh and Sudhakar Reddy, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 1997.


Forests, People and Economics

Presidential Address at the 55th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agric. Economics, Nov 1995, published in IJAE, Jan-March,1996.


Environmental Problems of Agricultural Development

Endowment Lecture at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Coimbatore, 25 March 1996.


Agriculture and Environment

Environment and Development, edited by M S Rathore, Rawat Publications, Jaipur and New Delhi, 1996.


Political Economy of Sustainable Development

Review of Development and Change Vol.1 (1) Jan-June ’96.


Nobody’s Child: The Economic and Institutional Aspects of Soil Conservation in India

(jointly with Govindaru V), Journal of Environment and Development (USA), Vol.   4(1) 1995.


Forests in the Economy of India

Indian Journal of Social Science, Vol. 7(1) 1994.


Management of Common Property Resources

International Workshop on India’s Forest Management and Ecological Revival’, organized by University of Florida and TERI, at New Delhi,Feb 10-12, 1994.


Political Economy of Ecology – Comprehending the Problems

G K Chadha (Ed) Policy Perspectives in Indian Economic Development, Har-Anand Publications, New Delhi, 1994, pp.159-178.


Voluntary Organizations in Greening India

Studies in Third World Societies (USA), Publication No.51 on Non-Government Organizations in India, March 1994.


Sustainable Development: Concept and Issues with Special Reference to Agriculture

Keynote Paper, IJAE, 48(3) July-September 1993.


Social Forestry in Karnataka

with Syed Ajmal Pasha in State of Environment Report III,edited by Cecil Saldanha, Centre for Taxonomic Studies, Bangalore 1993.


Agricultural Policy and Ecology

Social Action, New Delhi, July-September 1993, Vol. 43(3).


Economic and Financial Viability of Social Forestry Projects in Karnataka

with K N Ninan and S A Pasha, EPW , June 27, 1992, Vol. 27(26).


Planning and Environmental Concern

Planning for Social and Economic Development – Essays in Honour of Prof D M Nanjundappa, edited by R Bharadwaj and M V Nadkarni, Sage,New Delhi, 1992.


Contribution of Forests to Agriculture: A Study of ArecaGardens in Uttara Kannada

with Syed Ajmal Pasha, in Price of Forests, edited by Anil Agarwal, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, 1992.


Coping with Droughts: Then and Now

Mainstream, New Delhi, Vol.29(43) August 17, 1991.


‘Economics and Ecological Concern’ and Economy, Scarcity and Environment

Essays and Reflections in Honour of Dr Malcolm S Adiseshaiah, edited by C T Kurien, Sage, New Delhi, 1991.


Developing Uncultivated Lands: Some Issues from Karnataka Experience in Social Forestry

with Syed Ajmal Pasha, IJAE, October-December 1991.


Regularisation of Encroached Lands – Who Are the Main Beneficiaries?

jointly with G K Karanth, Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 29-12,1990.


Use and Management of Common Lands – Towards an Environmentally Sound Strategy

Karnataka: State of Environment Report-IV, edited by Cecil J Saldanha, Centre for Taxonomic Studies, Bangalore, 1990.


Technology of Agricultural Development – At Cross Roads

Bulletin of Sciences, Vol. 5(2), Nov-Dec 1989.


Resource Context of Rural Poverty

V M Rao Abdul Aziz (eds) Programmes for the Poor Delivery Vs Mobilisation, Ashish, New Delhi, 1989.


Droughts and Social Change

The Changing Face of South India, A Special Feature, The Economic Times, October 1, 1988


Crisis of Increasing Costs in Indian Agriculture, - Is there a Way Out?

EPW ,Review of Agriculture, September 24, 1988.


Economics of Preventing Industrial Pollution

with M Ravichandran, in Economics of Environment, edited by Malcolm Adiseshiah, Lancer International in Association with India International Centre, New Delhi, 1987.


Poverty Alleviation and Natural Resource Base in Rural Areas

Bangalore Theological Forum, Vol. 19(3), July-September 1987.


Agricultural Development and Ecology: An Economist’s View

Key-Note (Invited) paper, IJAE, Vol.42(3), July-September 1987.


Fuel Wood Requirements: (1) Role of Public Sector (2) Need for Timely Action

jointly with G V K Rao, in Economic Times, June 24 and 25,1987.


Levels of Rural Development: Their Determinants and Impact

Current Economic Issues in India’s Development – Essays in Honour of Prof. V V Borkar, ed. by G S Kalyankar, Marathwada Economic Association, Aurangabad, 1986.


Institutional Constraints in Eco-Development

Mainstream, 16 August 1986.


Economy of Coarse Cereals in India

Paper presented at the Indo-French Seminar on Technology Choices for Rural Development at CNEARC, Montepellier, France, March, 1986;published in EPW, Review of Agric, September 1986.


Deforestation Due to Commercialization of Forests or Mismanagement?

Paper read at Indo-Swedish Symposium at New Delhi, February 1985 (Mimeo); published later under the title “Deforestation : A Problem of Viable Environmental Management”, in Bangalore Theological Forum, Vol.XVII,No.3, July-September 1985.


Quality of Rural Life and Regional Development

K M Naidu (ed), ‘Area Planning for Regional Development’,Inter India Publications, New Delhi, 1984.


Population and Workforce Changes in a Forest Region

with M Johnson Samuel, Social Science Probings, New Delhi,Vol. 1(3) September 1984.


Irrigation and Rural Development – A Skeptical View

EPW ,Review of Agriculture, June 1984.


Growth and Instability in Indian Agriculture – Another Look

Economic Policy and Planning in India Prof. Baljit Singh Commemoration Volume’, ed. by A K Singh, T S Papola and R S Mathur, Sterling,New Delhi, 1984.


Protecting Society – A Pollution Tax

Mainstream, March 17, 1980, (Also published under the title,‘Combating Industrial Pollution: Some Policy Aspects’, in Bulletin of Sciences,February-March, 1984).


Growth and Instability in Crop yields: A Case Study of Karnataka Agriculture

with R S Deshpande, Regional Studies (UK) Vol.17(1),February 1983, pp.2939.


Irrigation in Karnataka

Deccan Herald, 18 and 22 Jan 1983.


Agricultural Growth, Instability in Productivity and Rainfall : Case of Karnataka

with R S Deshpande, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW),Review of Agriculture, December 1982.


Indian Agriculture: 1. Growth and Instability; 2. Role of HYV in Instability; 3. Stabilisation Tax Expenditure Scheme (A proposal)

Article published in 3 parts in Economic Times, August 11,13 & 14, 1982.


Rainfall in Karnataka – Some Important Issues in its Behavior

with R S Deshpande, Agricultural Situation in India, July 1982.


Unstable Revolution? Story of Droughts in Indian Agriculture

Link, New Delhi, September 27, 1981.


Measurement of Growth and Fluctuations in Crop Output – An Approach Based on the Concept of Non-systematic Component

Jointly with V M Rao and R S Deshpande, 1979, IJAE,April-June 1980.


Appropriate Technology Need for Caution against Populism and Elitism

Science Circle Bulletin, Bangalore, January 1980, also reproduced in ‘Peace and Solidarity’, August 1980.


Development Issues in Irrigation

Economic Scene, Special Number on Karnataka, August 1979.


Underutilisation of Land, Climatic or Institutional Factors?

with R S Deshpande, IJAE, April-June 1979.


Irrigation Development in Karnataka

ISEC, Impact of Irrigation – Studies of Canal, Well and Tank Irrigation in Karnataka, Himalaya Publishing House, Bombay, 1979.


Instability in Rainfall and Agricultural Yields

with P K Ghosh, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics(IJAE), April-June, 1978.


Dimensions of Regional Disparity and Backwardness

V K R V Rao (ed), Ibid.


Natural Resources

jointly with V L S  Prakasa Rao, in V K R V Rao (ed), Planning in Perspectives – Policy Choices in Planning for Karnataka, Allied, 1978.


Yield Uncertainty in Maharashtra Agriculture

Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, October-December 1971.

Other Papers

Introduction to Charles Wilkin's Bhagavad Gita

An introduction to South Asia Press Edition of the First English Translation (in 1785) of The Bhagavad Gita by Charles Wilkins, New Delhi, 2018

Atrocities against Scheduled Castes in a Comparative Perspective

A drastically curtailed version of this article without the supporting tables appeared in The Economic Times dated 20 January, 2018

Separate Tag for Lingayats - A Critical Look

Crisis in Indian Agriculture: Can it be Overcome?
Delivered at the 15th Prof. LS Venkataramanan Memorial Lecture

Indian Agriculture - Challenges Old and New

Vicissitudes of Agriculture in the Fast Growing Indian Economy: Challenges, Strategies and the Way Forward, edited by C Ramasamy and K R Ashok, 2016, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, in association with the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics

The Bhagavad Gita as an Inspiration to Enterprise and Guide to Business Management

Nitte Management Review, Vol 9 Issue 1 Year 2015 

Do Our Universities Care for Research?

University News (New Delhi) in Volume 52, No. 19, May 12-18, 2014,

Story of an Aborted Experiment

University News (New Delhi) in Volume 52, No. 23, June 9-15, 2014

Moral Responsibilities of Business

Journal of Social and Economic Development , Vol. 14 (2), July-December 2012,pp.229-237.

Role and Functioning of Public Domain Social Science Research

Social Science Research in India: Institutions and Infrastructure, edited by M V Nadkarni and R S Deshpande, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2011, pp.109-122.

Hindu Approach to Development 

Development Windows :Essays in Honour of professor V M Rao, edited by R S Deshpande et al, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2011, pp. 111-140

Interrogating the Idea of Justice 

(Review Article) in Indian Economic Journal, Vol.58 (1), April-June 2010

Approach to Knowledge: Contribution of Bhagavadgita and Its Relevance to Holistic     Social Science Research

Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol. 12 (1), Jan.-Jun. 2010

Social Change through Moral Development? 

(Review Article) Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol.11(2), Jul.-Dec.2009

Limits of Analytical Method

Think India Quarterly, Vol. 12(2), April-June 2009

Role of Governance in Equity and Crisis Therein

New Governance and Development: Challenges of Addressing Poverty and Inequality , edited by H S Shylendra, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2009, pp.113-41


Why Are We Slow in Removing Poverty?

Agricultural Development, Rural Institutions, and Economic Policy, edited by Gopal Kadekodi and Brinda Vishwanathan, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2009

A Personal Remembrance 

in A Passionate Humanitarian: V K R V Rao,   by ISEC, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2008

Hinduism and Caste

Sociological Bulletin, Vol 57 93), Sept-Dec. 2008

Love as Path to God Transcending Boundaries of Religion (Review Article)

EPW, June 2, 2007

Praathamik Shikshan aani Saamaajik Vishamataa’,   (Marathi), 

Samaaj Prabodhan Patrikaa, Vol. 45 (No.179), July-September 2007

Hindu Dharm maane kyaa?  (Hindi, tr. Parimala Ambekar) 

Aalochanaa, April-June 2007

Does Hinduism Lack Social Concern?

EPW, May 19, 2007

Social Development behind Economic Growth

Economic Times , 19-12-2006

Samshodhane – Ondu Parichaya’, 

Hosatu, (Kannada), March 2006

Perspectives on Dalit Problems and Solutions

Journal of Social & Economic Development, Vol. 7(1), January-June 2006

Driving Forces behind the Dynamics of Hinduism

Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society , Vol.96 (1&2), January-June 2005

Is Caste System Intrinsic to Hinduism? Demolishing a Myth

Economic and Political Weekly , Vol.38(45) November 8, 2003. (Hindi version in Aalochanaa January-March 2004, tr. By Parimala Ambekar)

Rejoinder to Bhikhu Parekh’s ‘Hindu Theory of Tolerance

under ‘Communications’, Seminar 523, Feb.2003, pp 95-96

Ethics and Relevance of Conversions: A Critical Assessment of Religious and Social Dimensions in a Gandhian Perspective

EPW , Vol.38(3), January 18, 2003, pp.227-235.

Land Reforms – A Bus that India missed which may never come again

IJAE Vol. 57(4), Oct.-Dec. 2002, pp.751-761.

Globalize and Grow? An Empirical Probe

Indian Economy – Agenda for the 21st Century – Essays in Honour of Professor P R Brahmananda , New Delhi: Deep and Deep, 2002.

Broadbasing Process in India and Dalits

EPW, Aug. 16, 1997 (Vol.32, Nos. 33 & 34).

Land Reforms – Their Continued Relevance

Land Reforms in India – Vol.4 on Karnataka – Promises Kept and Missed , edited by Abdul Aziz and Sudhir Krishna, Sage, New Delhi, 1997.

Accelerating Commercialisation of Agriculture – Dynamic Agriculture and Stagnating Peasants?

EPW, Review of Agriculture, June 29, 1996.  

Dr Malcolm S Adiseshiah – A Few Impressions

in the Special Issue of MIDS Bulletin in Honour of Late Dr Adiseshiah   , 1995.  

Passing away of Dandekar Creates Academic Vacuum

The Economic Times, Bangalore, August 3, 1995.

Professor V K R V Rao’s Thoughts on Rural Development

The Indian Economic Journal , Vol. 39(4) April-June 1992

The Mode of Production Debate: A Review Article

The Indian Economic Review, Vol.26 (1), 1991


Economic Structure of Karnataka

contributed to People of India, Anthropological Survey of India, Southern Regional Office, Mysore.

Role of Agricultural Markets and Market Policy – Not conducive to Rural Welfare?

International Workshop on Agricultural Markets in Semi-Arid Tropics , ICRISAT, October 1983, published by ICRISAT in 1985.

Agricultural Prices : A See-Saw Game between Peasants and Workers?

Krishna Rao, G Parthasarathy and Others (ed)   “Peasant Farming and Growth of Capitalism in Indian Agriculture”   , Vishalandhra Publishing House, Vijayawada, 1984

Micro-Level Theory of Rural Underdevelopment – A Review of Theoretical Perceptions

in Alternative Development Strategies , ed. by B K Joshi, Himalaya Publishing House, Bombay, 1984

Potentialities of Economic Development of Karnataka

Karnataka State Gazetteer , Vol. II, 1983.

Rural Underdevelopment and the Cluster Approach

EPW, Review of Agric, June 1982.

Farm Prices : A Rational Approach

Mainstream, May 8, 1982.

Commercialisation of Agriculture– A Reply

EPW, September 12, 1981.

Technology, Employment and Agricultural Development

Paper read at the Seminar on ‘Transfer of Science and Technology and National Self-Reliance’, Tashkent, USSR, October 1979, published in Mainstream, February 19, 1980; reproduced under the title, ‘Search for a Strategy to Alleviate Poverty’ in   Kurukshetra   , March 1, 1980

Marketable Surplus and Market Dependence – A Millet Region in Maharashtra

Economic and Political Weekly , March 29, 1980

Marketable Surplus, Market Dependence and Economic Development

Social Scientist, June 1979

Some Aspects of Recent Experience in India in Agricultural Development

paper submitted at the Session on Country Experience on Rural Development at the ADIPA Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, December, 1977 (Mimeo)

Tenants from the Dominant Class – A Developing Contradiction in Land Reforms

EPW, Review of Agriculture, December 1976

Rejoinder to comments on ‘Over Population and the Rural Poor

EPW, July 8, 1978.

Overpopulation and the Rural Poor

EPW, Special Number, August 1976.

Socialist Market mechanism – The Case for Application to Procurement of Foodgrains

Economic Times, December 12, 1975.

Pulses in Maharashtra – Declining Crops

with M G Gumaste, Marathwada University Journal – Social Sciences , 1974

Demand for Roads in Maharashtra – A Cross Section Analysis

with A B Deogirikar, EPW, 16-12-72; also published in Transport Planning and Finance , ed. by D M Nanjundappa, Karnataka University, Dharwar, 1973.

Ceilings on Agricultural Holdings – Some Crucial Issues

Marathwada University Journal – Social Sciences , September, 1972.

World Food Supply

published in Kannada Encyclopedia, Institute of Kannada Studies, Mysore

Regional Imbalance in India

Indian Economic Journal , Conf. No.1969

Impact of price level on Economic Development – India’s Experience

Indian Economic Journal , Conf. No.1968

Some Definitional Aspects of Investment in Human Capital

Indian Economic Journal , Conf. No.1965.

Engineering Industry in a Developing City

jointly with D M Nanjundappa, Karnatak University Journal , 1964