The collection of 113 Sanskrit verses here, the ‘ Parisara-Niti-Shatakam’ (PNS) or ‘ A century verses on Environmental Ethics’, intends: to sensitise particularly young minds towards environmental concern, and secondly to stimulate further interest in Sanskrit.

Parisara-Niti-Shatakam, is one of four shatakams (centuries) of verses in Sanskrit. The other verses are: Gandhi-Tattva-Shatakam (on Gandhian Philosophy), Sanatana-Dharma-Shatakam (on Hinduism from a Gandhian Perspective), and Manava-Dharma-Shatakam (on Religion of Man or Humanism).

This first collection of verses is being published by Chinmaya International Foundation, and the second by the National Book Trust of India.